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Maternal mortality (MMR) to be an indicator of the success of the development on the health sector. In Demak Regency MMR was still relatively high in 2010 of 98,98 per 100,000 live births, and is experiencing an increase in 2011 amounting to 121,89 per 100,000 live births. One of the attempts to overthrow the pregnant women’s Childbirth Planning and Prevention of  Complications (P4K) are potential breakthrough is an attempt to build community, in particular the concern of the community for the preparation and follow up of rescue the mother and newborn. Then to see the implementation of P4K in demak, researchers chose two primary health care that have the highest and lowest MMR, i.e. Sayung I primary health care and Mranggen II primary health care. This research aims to know the pregnant women’s P4K program implementation in Demak regency which fit the Edward theory that implementation programs include communication, resources, disposition, and bureaucratic structure. This research is qualitative research with the descriptive approach. The population in this study i.e. the whole village midwives, with a total of 291 total then taken 4 as the main informant with the method of purposive sampling and triangulation of 7 informants. Results of the study show the P4K implementation is not running optimal yet that has been seen in terms of authority devolution within the bureaucratic structure has yet to be understood by the implementor in performing the task, understanding of implementor and the community there is no conformance so that complicate the process of the implementation of the program. Low level of public knowledge or expectant mothers as well as the lack of its communicative implementor is a barrier to the implementation of the program. Implementation of P4K haven't run with maximum, as seen from the aspect of communication, resources, disposition, and bureaucratic structure. P4K program implementation for the improvement needs to be an increase in the level of socialization of health service district to the implementing programme, community leaders and the community itself as well as the need for motivation in the form of reward to a midwife in every process of monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis.


Implementation, P4K, Village Midwife

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