Studi Kelayakan Aspek Pasar Pendirian Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak (RSIA) Mentari Bangsa Kota Semarang

Ratna Kusumasari Purbani, Dr. dr. Sutopo Patria Jati, MM, Dra. Ayun Sriatmi, M.Kes


Indonesia has a maternal mortality rate (MMR) is still relatively high and not in accordance with the Millennium Development Goal (MDG). Semarang city has the largest population in Central Java, with the largest proportion of the population is female. Maternal and Child Hospital (RSIA) Mentari Bangsa will be established in tawangsari village subdistrict of west semarang which currently has only one clinic with limited services and facilities. Feasibility of market becomes important to know the potential market or potential customers before going on of this project. The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not the construction of RSIA Mentari Bangsa in Semarang on the aspects of the market using three variables, there is to measure and forecast the market; segmentation and determination of target markets; possible competition and anticipation. This research used qualitative descriptive approach (explanatory research). The data was collected by indepth interview with key informants are responsible for the project and the project owner of RSIA Mentari Bangsa’s foundation. The validity of test used triangulation of the source form health departement in Semarang,  Tawangsari village, Krobokan’s primary health care and socialite around the site. The results showed that the market of RSIA Mentari Bangsa reach some villages in the northern West and North of Semarang which not intersect with another hospital. Market segments that are formed based on economic factors that tend to the upper segment and lower segment. Competition by region is still not too tight and strategies that will be used is pick up the ball, especially for the middle to lower. The conclusion is Project Mother and Child Hospital (RSIA) Mentari Bangsa can be quite decent on aspects of the market with some suggestions that more coordination with health department in Semarang and the primary health care, socialization should be executed, and special facilities for the lower-middle segment more prepared.


RSIA, feasibility study, market

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