Nurul Asiah, Rangkum Sembodo, Aji Prasetyaningum


Spirulina is a microalgae fine plant (Cyanobacteria) single celled, blue green colored, spiral typed growed in warm
water around the world. Spirulina have many Phytonutrient (Beta-carotene, Chlorophyl, Xanthophyl, Phyocianin, etc)
functioned as anti-carcinogen (Tri Panji & Suharyanto, 2001). Drying process usually use high cost drying tools
(freeze dryer, spray dryer, roller dryer, or dehumidifier). Drying with the foam type faster the water evaporation
process in a low temperature that is not destroyed the cell system, so the nutrition value is save (Kumalaningsih, etc,
2005). In general, this research done to compare two drying method, there are: non foam-mat drying method and with
foam-mat drying method that show the optimum drying process condition to get the high quality of spirulina drying
product and the high efficiency process too. The result of the research show that the foam-mat drying method give the
better drying rate compared with non foam-mat drying process. The sample with the foam agent composition (egg
white) 2,5% and the foam stabilizer (metil celulose) 0,5% give the highest drying rate compare with the others. The
highest average rate showed the sample with the thickness 1mm, which is 0,632 g H2O steamed per second.. Based on
consideration of product quality and drying process efficiency, drying temperature is relatively good to the application
of foam-mat drying in spirulina is 60oC. The result of beta-carotene test show that the quality of dry product with foammat
drying method still on the dry product quality standard in the market, that is 149,025 mg/ 100 g. The data obtained
from the research be expected become the reference in the equipment design of the spirulina drying process and
become the solution of cheap, efficient, and effective drying method, without decrease the nutrition value of the


drying, spirulina, foam‐mat drying

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